To date, Gridtential has secured multiple major manufacturing partners, built and tested hundreds of batteries as part of the company’s Alpha Program, and issued myriad patents and provisional patents worldwide. Our Intellectual Property portfolio covers broad usage of silicon as a bipolar battery plate substrate, which is applicable to multiple battery chemistries, and this expertise is central to our licensing model, and mission to produce cost-competitive lead batteries at scale.

Gridtential’s U.S. licensing partners represent a significant portion of the US market. Industry investors include:

With combined annual revenues reaching multiple billions of dollars, this innovative group of battery industry manufacturers has been working jointly with Gridtential for years to validate the potential of Silicon Joule batteries. In that time, Gridtential has eclipsed its performance targets and results show an overall 2-5x cycle life improvement and demonstrated, scalable assembly method that neutralizes the skepticism around lead battery technology.

Enhancing lead battery Chemistry with Hammond

One of the leading pioneers in the hybrid automotive battery industry and a trusted chemical supplier, Hammond Group is helping Gridtential develop and test the next generation of lead batteries. 

Silicon Suppliers Rethink Silicon

While silicon has been used in electronic applications for decades, its potential as a fundamental lynchpin for the new renewable energy economy has not yet been fully realized. In response, Gridtential has designed a proprietary battery architecture that utilizes the best attributes of silicon to address a wide variety of new market applications, ranging from hybrid automotive technology to grid storage systems.  

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